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For High-End and Exotic vehicles our Technolift frame rack was imported from Italy. We had it custom installed in-groud to clear any vehicle no matter how low it is to the ground.  Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, GTR, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley are some of the manufacturers that we are able to service.

We offer in house frame straightening using the Galaxy Star Rack, it is a Tri-Tower set up with combined pulling power of 30 Tonnes.  This system allows tower movement around the bed by 360 degrees, full pulling power from each corner. With this machine we have the ability to repair all sizes of vehicles; compact, full size, trucks, large suv's, and even full size limousine's.With our frame machines have the ability to restore the integrity of the frame or unibody to the manufactures’ specifications


At Astra Motors we specialize in repairing all vehicles. We will repair your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, structurally and cosmetically. Using factory specification we straighten the frame or uni-body to it’s

pre-accident condition, parts are replaced with OEM, (Original Equipment Manufacture), reconditioned, or with Aftermarket Parts, (Lifetime Guarantee), depending on the customers request and budget