Paint System

Astra Motors Inc is DuPont certified, currently known Axalta Coating Global paint manufacturer.

DuPont Performance Coatings is the largest global manufacturer of coatings for aftermarket car repair and is in

partnership with global car manufacturers.

Paint Booth

The type of paint booth we use is a Devilbiss Downdraft type,  airflow in a Downdraft paint booth is generally accepted as the best type of airflow for a paint booth.  It does a excellent job of controlling overspray and prevents contamination, also provides a safe, clean environment in which to paint.  Air is drawn around the vehicle or painted object and exhausted from underneath the object. Downdraft paint booths pull paint overspray and contaminants downward and away from the painted object no matter where the painter is spraying. The risk of dust and overspray contamination is greatly reduced and our painter is also in a much safer environment since the overspray is pulled immediately downward and away from ou painter no matter where he is standing. This type of paint booth is much more efficient then any other paint booth out on the market when spraying water base paints.  Water base paint requires low humidity, warm tempreture and adequate air movement, all these factors can be achieved with a downdraft paint booth.

Even the most perfect paint jobs are not entirely smooth. When looked at under a microscope, you can see tiny bumps, dips and ridges in the paint job. These tiny imperfections slow down the air just enough to create a layer of slow-moving air on the surface of the vehicle, referred to as ‘boundary air’.

During the paint drying process, the boundary air becomes saturated with water molecules from the paint. This limits the speed of evaporation and slows down the overall paint drying process. With the GFS Advance Cure system placed in the paint booth to cover all surfaces of the vehicle. Air from the system’s modules interacts with the booth’s downdraft airflow to produce controlled turbulent airflow on all surfaces of the vehicle. This effectively turns the paint booth into a convection oven, and drastically reduces drying times.

Colour Match

On site we have the latest high tech colour matching equipment available today.  With a extensive colour chart library, computerized

paint mixing system we can match any OEM colour.  Our Acquire Plus EFX is an advanced, hand-held colour scanner designed to 

help you achieve the most accurate color match possible, even for complicated metallic pearl and effect colors.  It’s advanced optic

technology looks deep into the paint film to acquire the flake and color characteristics that are the keys to determining the best color match.

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