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Your car depends on you, too, to help keep it running strong.

We recommend periodic tune-ups and maintenance to help keep your car safe,

performing well, and dependable. 

Every vehicle is different; thru our web based diagnostics software we check

manufacturer specific maintenance manual and service updates for tune-up


Our  technicians use latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose

most problems and provide a complete estimate of the work before any repairs are performed.

If your vehicle does require diagnostic services, we follow a multi-step process to make car repair friendly to our customers:

                                                                          -Identify symptoms of engine performance problems.

                                                                          -Road test your vehicle to verify problems.

                                                                          -Perform a visual inspection of your engine’s major components.

                                                                          -Check industry bulletins, manufacturer recall information, and tune-up specifications.

                                                                          -Obtain trouble codes from your vehicle’s on board computer (if applicable).

                                                                          -Perform a computerized analysis of your engine’s major systems.

                                                                          -Provide a detailed report of our findings and discuss potential solutions with you.

                                                                          -Once the Engine Diagnostic Service is complete, our techs perform only the repairs that you authorize.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, routine maintenance is an absolute necessity. Maintenance will help you avoid major breakdowns (and major repair bills) and help your vehicle perform at its peak. Not to mention help your vehicle keep its resale value over time.